Cat Herder is now available on Steam!

Cat Herder is a cute, chaotic puzzle game about literally herding cats! Pick them up, entice them with toys, and learn their preferences as you wrangle them into the target zones as quickly as possible.

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Three Months Later – A Postmortem on Cat Herder

It has been three months since the release of Cat Herder on Steam. In that time, I’ve put out two major updates and several smaller bugfixes, as well as started working on my next project. Now though, I want to take a moment to reflect, to go over the project and its performance and see…

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Cat Herder V1.1 is now Live!

Hey all! I’ve just released a new update for Cat Herder! The biggest highlights of this update are: Some other changes:- Added resolution settings for those that want them.- Fixed music volume issue in end credits.- Fixed potential for button spam when returning to main menu from victory screen.- Fixed music freezing issue in main…

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Cat Herder version 1.0.1

Lots of quick bugfixes. Thank you to everyone who has submitted bug reports! Thankfully, everything I’ve encountered has been pretty minor.

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Week 10: Billionaire’s Dilemma

Here we are at last. Week 10! For this week, we have Billionaire’s Dilemma, a game where you have to spend your money or else be buried by it! This week’s game was actually one of the most challenging, which I suppose is fitting for the final entry. It was largely inspired by sites such…

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Week 9: Cat Herder

For week 9 we have quite possibly my silliest idea yet: a game about literally herding cats! This week actually started out pretty rough, in that I ended up need to scrap my initial concept and start over. Originally, I was planning to make a puzzle game about mirrors, where the player would interact with…

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