The store page for Grippy Golf is now live!

Grippy Golf is a zany, rapid-pace golf game where what hits, sticks! Ricochet across each level, gathering an ever-growing cluster of random objects as you reach the goal as quickly as possible.

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Creating a Custom Level Landscape Tool – Unreal 5 Tutorial

Hello, and welcome! In this article, I’ll be showing you how to use Unreal’s new Geometry Script system to create a custom landscape tool for your project. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create curved level geometry with adjustable shapes and heights. First off, some prerequisites: Good? Good. Let’s get started.…

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From Start to Store Page – Grippy Golf Devlog #1

Hello, and welcome to the first of what is planned to be a monthly series of devlogs chronicling the development of my new game, Grippy Golf! Today, I’ll be taking you on a longer journey than normal, all the way from my first lines of code to the creation of my shiny new store page.…

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Three Months Later – A Postmortem on Cat Herder

It has been three months since the release of Cat Herder on Steam. In that time, I’ve put out two major updates and several smaller bugfixes, as well as started working on my next project. Now though, I want to take a moment to reflect, to go over the project and its performance and see…

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Cat Herder V1.1 is now Live!

Hey all! I’ve just released a new update for Cat Herder! The biggest highlights of this update are: Some other changes:- Added resolution settings for those that want them.- Fixed music volume issue in end credits.- Fixed potential for button spam when returning to main menu from victory screen.- Fixed music freezing issue in main…

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