10 Games 10 Weeks

Week 6: Trail Runner

This week we have something pretty different: a laid-back game about trail running! https://youtu.be/P713xcD28Rs This week's game focuses largely on aesthetics and atmosphere, with relatively basic gameplay. I wanted to provide the player with something to keep them entertained, while still allowing them to take in the scenery I had created. I was very torn… Continue reading Week 6: Trail Runner

10 Games 10 Weeks

Week 4: Ghost and the Machines

For Week 4, allow me to introduce Ghost and the Machines, a tower-defense game where you take direct control of your robots! https://youtu.be/mAwGDI2_Anw Try it out here: https://switchbackstudio.itch.io/ghost-and-the-machines This is another idea that was inspired by a Game Maker's Toolkit gamejam. In particular, it uses the theme of "Only One" from the 2019 jam. Typically… Continue reading Week 4: Ghost and the Machines

10 Games 10 Weeks

Week 2: Wrath of the Gentle Man

It's now Week 2 of my 10 Games in 10 Weeks challenge! Introducing: Wrath of the Gentle Man, a top-down action game where you try to keep your cool, despite the invaders wrecking your home! https://youtu.be/ewBW5RZSlkg Try it out on itch.io: https://switchbackstudio.itch.io/wrath-of-the-gentle-man This idea was greatly inspired by the 2020 Game Maker's Toolkit game jam.… Continue reading Week 2: Wrath of the Gentle Man

10 Games 10 Weeks · Grippy Golf

Week 1: Sticky Golf

Here we are with Week 1 of my 10 Games in 10 Weeks Challenge. Introducing Sticky Golf, where everything you hit sticks to the ball! https://youtu.be/eEesD9L8f6A Try it out now on itch.io: https://switchbackstudio.itch.io/sticky-golf-10-games-in-10-weeks This silly, silly idea was born from a nostalgic Wii Sports session and this video from 8-bit Music Theory. It basically checks… Continue reading Week 1: Sticky Golf