10 Games 10 Weeks

Week 8: Nine Seconds of Blood

For week 8, we have Nine Seconds of Blood, a fast-paced puzzle game where you only have nine seconds before you starve to death!

This game idea started with an old Minecraft game called Dwarves vs Zombies. One of the main mechanics of that game is the PROC, (Powerful Rampage Of Course), where if you manage to get one kill, you gain the ability to one-shot any enemy for the next two seconds.

I basically took that concept and inverted it. In Nine Seconds, if you don’t feed your character every nine seconds, they will die. Originally, the game would also include combat, which is why the player is a vampire preying on humans. The combat mechanics were scrapped, but the vampire aesthetic stayed.

What results is a strange hybrid of exploration and puzzle solving and frantic energy, as you rush from room to room trying to determine the most optimal path through the level before you die.

I am very proud of the atmosphere/aesthetics of this week’s game. I decided to try out cell-shading, and ended up liking it a lot! The color palette for this week also ended up working out very well, with lots of moody and spooky tones.

That’s all for this week, see you in the next!

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