10 Games 10 Weeks

Week 7: Blitz!

For week 7, I’ve created Blitz, a action/puzzle game based around rapid bursts of movement!

Though it may not be obvious, this game felt like a significant jump in terms of the scope that I’ve been taking on for these projects. Between modeling and animating the player character and enemy robots, modeling the environment, designing the levels, coding the AI and other details, and creating all the necessary particle effects, I was hard-pressed to keep up!

In the end I was able to achieve something that I am quite satisfied by, so I’m pleased with that. Still, this week in particular, there are a lot of features I would have loved to add/improve, but couldn’t. In particular, using the “Blitz” as a method of combat could be extremely cool and have a lot of depth, if given enough effort.

The highlight of this week is definitely the player character, the ninja. I modeled them from scratch, and it’s definitely the coolest design I’ve made so far.

See you next week!

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