10 Games 10 Weeks

Week 2: Wrath of the Gentle Man

It’s now Week 2 of my 10 Games in 10 Weeks challenge!

Introducing: Wrath of the Gentle Man, a top-down action game where you try to keep your cool, despite the invaders wrecking your home!

Try it out on itch.io: https://switchbackstudio.itch.io/wrath-of-the-gentle-man

This idea was greatly inspired by the 2020 Game Maker’s Toolkit game jam. In particular, the entry “Shooty Ballz” provided the concept of having a “rage meter” that builds up and allows you to destroy enemies, but with the risk of collateral damage.

This second week was substantially rougher than the first. For whatever reason, I decided to include character animations and cloth physics in this game, despite the fact that I’ve never done either before. As a result, I ended up spending at least a day and half on surface-level details, rather than the core gameplay, and I think that shows.

I’d like to say that I’ve learned my lesson, but now that I’ve ironed out a workflow I’m pretty tempted to include it in more projects. Still, if I do so, it will be at the end of the week, not the middle.

I did manage to cut down the time spent working over the weekend to about 5 hours, but only by working longer days during the week. Still, a lot of that time is just spent waiting for my computer to render a video clip, so I still consider it a net positive.

Looking forward to a couple-hour break, and then it’s back at it. See you next week!

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